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Zoë's Bakery and Cafe

We are a whole foods bakery using organic when possible, locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, and aren't afraid to use butter.


Our artisan approach to all of our products keeps them changing with the seasons and us on our creative toes. We're pro-gluten and are proud of it!

Our view of Ucluelet's inner harbour is first class and the people around you, locals and visitors alike, are as excited to chat about their passion for this place as you are. Time to swap stories!


Ready in a moment's notice, our meals are picnic perfect and ready for any adventure!





We are looking to significantly reduce our ‘To Go’ packaging but need your help to do so! Bring your to go containers, cups, boxes, tupperware, mason jars, etc to take your Reedle Deets home with ya! We’ll reward you for your efforts with a discount. We hope we can help create some positive habits in our community.

From onion skins, to cheese rinds, to beef bones - we’ve done our best to use our scraps to creatively flavour dishes so far. Everything else? Gets tossed into our compost. We currently have 3 insulated fish-totes full of steaming organic material from our 2016 season. Not only are we stoked on the science behind the food break-down, we are looking forward to growing more delicious ingredients to incorporate into your Reedle Deets in it. This full circle system is bakery black gold!


All the Reedles that don’t snapped up at each day’s end - our local food bank benefits! Weekly donations are our game.


Bakery Goals

Reduce single-use packaging  

 Reduce food waste

Increase composting efforts

   Creative recycling/Our West Coast impact

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