reed.le deet - /'ri.d(3)l/ /di.t/

{n} things sweet to the heart or the taste buds

{v} smiling, deep belly laughs, or napping

{#} reedledeets

These are some of our favourite items, but by no means the only tasty Reedle deets we have in the case.

Our menu is changing constantly due to the array of foraged food, island-grown produce & raised meats showing up at our back door combined with the creativity our team walks in with each and every day!

Vanilla Bean & Berry Cake
Goodness Bowl
Changing Daily
Cinnamon Bun
Our famous brioche but not original - thanks to the Lake Village Bakery in Osoyoos for the recipe!
Daily Bread
Always Sourdough, always baked daily, always artisanal
Granola & Yogurt
Daily Sandwich
Succulent ingredients, perfectly paired and 'sandwiched' between two slices of housemade foccaccia
Daily Soup
We can thank our head chef Annie for this one. She's amazing.
Each days starts out with a cup of Drumroaster bliss
Joie Farm Wine
Four Winds
Sea Cider
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Joie Farm Wine